We work with education focused entities and organizations that are big and small, but the same theme has run throughout all of our projects:  starting new programs, launching new initiatives, implementing new ways of thinking and doing education differently.  Our projects have focused on students ranging from elementary level to postgraduate level.


Program design, Strategic partnership, Launch

In this exploratory project, we designed an innovative postgraduate technology focused program aimed at stimulating tech driven innovation regionally in Latin America. Working with various stakeholders from top government officials, leading US universities, and local leaders, we sourced leading strategic partners, and created an academic framework and implementation plan for program launch in 2019.


Curriculum and Learning design, facilitation

Advanced Thinking in Homeland Security is a new and innovative program aimed at senior government officials to tackle the biggest challenges facing homeland security through an entrepreneurial framework designed to develop future oriented thinking, lead change and implement innovation.  In addition to contributing to designing the curriculum in collaboration with students and stakeholders, we also created specific learning modules for future oriented thinking and leadership, as well as facilitated learning sessions.


innovative learning design, workshop facilitation

Center for Asia Leadership is a We designed and facilitated new social innovation curriculum for over 500 students from across 12 countries to teach entrepreneurial problem solving and 21st Century skills - communication, collaboration, and leadership.

seca logo.png

Pilot program design, Partnership building

St. Elizabeth Catholic Academy is a leading Catholic elementary school in New York City aiming to be the leading innovative school in the country.  Through strategic partnership building with students at Harvard University, we created a pilot program for innovative education technology, curriculum, and programs to propel education forward.

CLASS Logo.jpg

strategic planning, organizing, launch

CLASS is a non-profit organization focused on helping high achieving but under-resourced students close the excellence gap and succeed in college and career.  Case.by.Case provided critical support in identifying strategic imperatives, organizing vital events to promote the organization, and planning a mission-driven relaunch of the organization.