Curriculum Design

Through our unique and tested framework, we design, develop and generate original content to create curriculum that is engaging, empowering, and enlightening for students.  We work directly with partner organizations to design scaffolded activities, exercises, and projects that directly engage students in the particular 21st century skills that need to be cultivated - whether it is problem solving, innovation, civic engagement, or leadership.  We develop the lesson plans so that teachers can spend their time focusing on the student.


Workshops & Camps

We understand that, sometimes, both students and teachers are under immense pressure to meet many academic obligations and may not have the time or resources to dedicate to cultivating the skills that are so important to future success.  That's why we've developed short workshops and intensives, where we introduce students to these skills and train them to engage in the kind of problem solving that empowers them to be change agents. Whether it's a 1 hour introduction or a 5 day innovation camp, we work with partners to provide the teachers and resources needed to run these powerful programs.


Blended learning Programs believes in leveraging the power of technology to amplify learning experiences.  As young people get more and more of their information, news, media, and interaction through online platforms, we utilize these mediums to deliver more learning to students.  By combining in-person workshops with online learning and coaching, students don't just go through our programs and move on, they continue to engage, learn, and develop the skills needed to execute their project and gain confidence in what they have learned.

Learning is a never ending journey.


There is an African proverb that says, "It takes a village to raise a child."  We believe that it also takes a village to educate that child.  Students learn how to engage the world through parents, teachers, friends, and community, both in school and out of school.  We do not believe we can take the place or role of any of these important people, but believe in partnering with schools, learning centers, NGOs, and other educational programs to provide the best resources, materials and training to accomplish their goals in developing the entire student from the inside out.


We work with organizations to develop workshops, trainings, materials, and more, that align with their mission, and contextualized for their students.  Whether it is a college access program, a summer leadership camp, or an after-school innovation program, we design solutions that are right for you and your organization.  To learn more, check our Services page or contact us to inquire more about your specific needs.