skilled professional teams, specialized expertise, assembled on demand assembles project specific tactical teams to execute projects with skill and precision.  While our consultants have expertise in everything from early child hood development to blended learning to monitoring and evaluation, all our projects are organized into 5 domain areas. We provide consultation and project management services in:

  1. Program and Curriculum Design
  2. Education Technology
  3. Policy and Strategy
  4. Execution and Implementation
  5. Entrepreneurial Innovation

Learning is a never ending journey.


There is an African proverb that says, "It takes a village to raise a child."  We believe that it also takes a village to educate that child.  Students learn how to engage the world through parents, teachers, friends, and community, both in school and out of school.  We do not believe we can take the place or role of any of these important people, but believe in partnering with schools, learning centers, NGOs, and other educational programs to provide the best resources, materials and training to accomplish their goals in developing the entire student from the inside out.

We work with organizations and education entities to develop curriculum, innovative programs, strategic plans and more.  We work to align our work with your mission, and contextualize it for your students.  Whether it is a designing a new education program, launching a new initiative, or integrating technology into curriculum,  we design solutions that are right for you and your organization.  To learn more, check our Services page or contact us to inquire more about your specific needs.