Supporting Student Leaders

Leadership is a journey.  It starts with a single step in the direction of learning more, growing, and taking action.  At, we believe that if we provide students with the exposure, experience, equipping, and opportunities, they will set themselves on the path to further cultivate themselves for future leadership.  There are few things more satisfying to a teacher than seeing students taking what they learn in the classroom and trying it out in the real world.  That's why I was so delighted to hear from Shak, my summer teaching assistant in Malaysia, who will be traveling to the United States in August 2017 to participate in the International Youth Leaders Assembly.  

There he will visit the United Nations, World Bank, and other international institutions, while learning essential leadership skills. After organizing several other student initiatives, particularly on sustainable development, this will be another step in realizing his dream of becoming a diplomat.  To learn more about Shak and his trip, you can read his proposal here.  You can also support him in raising the funds needed to make this trip by donating here.